Once Upon a Time in the West (1968)

Short description

Once upon a time in the west (C'era una volta il West) is a western movie.

The movie is directed by Sergio Leone. The soundtrack score was made by Ennio Morricone. It was released in 1968. Some of the scenes were filmed in Province of Granada, Spain. Other scenes were filmed in Monument Valley, Utah. It was made by Paramount Pictures.

Movie beginning

The movie begins with a mysterious stranger (Harmonica) who arrives in a train station where he finds three gunfighters. The stranger wants to meet Frank, a notorious killer. Harmonica man's identity is somehow revealed at the end of the movie.


McBain farm Cover Once upon a time in the west Harmonica against 3 gunslingers Jill and Cheyenne

In the film, the theme of money is encountered. Brett McBean cheaply bought a stretched strip of desert, knowing that there is a point where water is found. He also knew that the railway line that is being built will pass on there. How steam trains needed water for operation, he thought to build a station there. Brett McBean had to finish the construction they before the first train passes by, otherwise he would lose the rights to the land.

Frank kidnaps Jill just for that. He knew the value the land that Morton would have wanted. Jill had become the owner of the land after her husband was killed. Frank kidnaps her for money, and for other things too, because she was a remarkable woman, as Harmonica and Cheyenne directly told her, and also as the spectators can notice with ease. Normally, he would have killed her, like the rest of the McBean family. Instead, he forced her to take the land out to public auction, Frank was going to buy the land, and keep Jill for him.

Movie ending

Harmonica's identity is partially revealed at the end of the movie. We understand very well why Harmonica is looking for Frank, who was cautious, sending the gunmen at the beginning of the film for the meeting which he had programmed with Harmonica, meeting arranged by an intermediary person. The ending is one full of suspense.

The reason for Harmonica's search is suggested by the discussion of the two at the bar. Frank had come to auction to do a deal with Harmonica, to buy the land. But Harmonica tells him that they actually have two businesses to do. The nature of the business is unclear. Harmonica saves Frank from assassins sent by Morton. When Jill reproaches that Harmonica saved Frank's life, Harmonica says that if he saved him from the assassins does not mean that he saved his life.

The cinematic execution of the final is one according to the expectations given of such a film. It is presented the reason why Harmonica il looking on Frank: Revenge. The two stand face to face, in the background running that mysterious music that accompanied Harmonica. It is a music of death, like in other movies such as Rio Bravo. It is clear that at most one will remain, both of whom are famous for their abilities. The viewers of the film find out just before the end of the duel, which begins with the beginning of the positioning of the two gunmen, the reason for which Harmonica is looking for Frank. The presentation of Harmonica's memories is interrupted, in an excellent way from a cinematic perspective, by two gunshots, one of them being Frank's. Harmonica is still standing, being untouched, but Frank is shot dead in his heart, Harmonica having enough time to remind him of what's there. Frank either missed the target or his gun was not discharged properly. But the ending would have been just as captivating, perhaps a little more surprising, if Frank had won the duel. The director probably wanted to show that there is sometimes justice.

Main actors

Harmonica role

Clint Eastwood is rumoured to have denied the opportunity to play as Harmonica man because he no longer wanted to play the role of the mysterious and silent stranger.https://www.clinteastwood.org/forums/index.php?topic=3736.0 It was an inspired decision. because another role with Henry Fonda would have made us think of the movies previous, representative of the western genre, in which the two played together. Clint Eastwood can be said to have escaped the image of a silent actor, through the roles that he would play later, films directed by himself.

Movies with similar names

The movie had an important impact in the world of cinema, which is why which decided to adopt similar names for other films. It should be noted that the films in the list do not necessarily resemble in the genre or intensity with "Once Upon a Time in the West".

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